Welcome to our PTA’s new website!

Welcome to our PTA’s new website.

We are excited to work with all of you in providing a better learning environment for our children and ensure that as parents we are assisting the teachers and staff at Indian Queen Elementary as best as we can.

Being fairly new to the concept of a Parent Teacher Association our selves, we believe that starting from the basics will help us and other parents like us who want to get involved and assist in their kids’ education, find a means to so by helping to identify the areas in which our help is needed the most and working towards finding the best ways to offer our assistance.

So what is a PTA and how does the concept work?

As mentioned we are new to the concept of a PTA ourselves, but thankfully there are resources available (and possibly parents and grandparents in our school’s community that have been part of a PTA over the years) to help us get acquainted with the concept.

As a brief history on the subject, groups such as ours that use the PTA acronym are part of the National Parent Teacher Association (National PTA), a 120-year-old non-profit organization based in Alexandria, Virginia. It is the largest and oldest volunteer organization working exclusively on behalf of children and providing a voice for our children.

For some further information on Why School’s need a PTA and “Why Parent’s need a PTA” please feel free to follow the links provided and learn how we can all work together to help our kids.


IQES – PTA Board 2017




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Finger Printing & Background checks – An easier way to do it!

Have you ever wanted to participate in a school event with your children, but were unable because you have yet to obtain the required fingerprinting or background check?

If so we are here to help, please read this post in order to find how to obtain the required clearance ensuring you do not have to miss another opportunity to attend a school event.

We want every parent to feel welcome to visit our school and be able to volunteer for events or participate in various classroom opportunities.

In accordance with Prince Georges County Public School policy, parents have the option of applying for a Commercial Background check (a.k.a. CPS) or a Fingerprinting check.

The main difference being that a CPS has more limitations in regards to the events one can attend/participate in and is valid only for 1 year, whereas the Fingerprinting check has no expiration.  For more details please look at the Frequently Asked Questions pamphlet or feel free to visit the Background unit website.

Apply online for the CPS or at one of the scheduled Local Fingerprinting workshops * if you are unable to visit the Background Unit office at the Sasscer Administration Building (located at 14201 School Lane, Room 128 Upper Marlboro, Maryland 20772) during their business hours of 8:00 a.m. – 3:45 p.m. M-Fr.

  • The hours for the Fingerprint Workshops (4 pm- 6pm) are more convinient for most people
  • Many people do not know that if your child receives free or reduced-price meals (FARMS), then you can get you Background Check or Fingerprinting at no-charge by presenting a copy of your FARMS approval/certification letter.

Once you have secured your fingerprinting and/or Commercial Background Check, you must provide a copy to the Office Secretary and retain a copy for yourself.

We encourage parents to opt for the Fingerprinting; as it does not expire and remains in the PGCPS system. You do not have to renew each year.


Regular costs for these Services are:

  • Fingerprinting – $56.57  
  • Commercial Background Check ($7.00 in person or $7.26 if completed online)
  • FREE by presenting your child’s Free or Reduced-price meals (FARMS) approval/certification letter.

Acceptable forms of payment for background checks only include cash, Visa, Mastercard and money orders. Personal checks are not accepted.

  •  Any applicant who requires a “duplicate receipt” of the background check must report to the Fingerprint Office with proper identification and a $5.00 money order (only).



SAVE TIME – Print out your forms here, fill them out and bring them with you!

*Valid photo identification is required to go through any part of these processes.

Please feel free to review the Prince Georges County Fingerprinting/Background Check Administrative Policy

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