Welcome to our PTA’s new website!

Welcome to our PTA’s new website.

We are excited to work with all of you in providing a better learning environment for our children and ensure that as parents we are assisting the teachers and staff at Indian Queen Elementary as best as we can.

Being fairly new to the concept of a Parent Teacher Association our selves, we believe that starting from the basics will help us and other parents like us who want to get involved and assist in their kids’ education, find a means to so by helping to identify the areas in which our help is needed the most and working towards finding the best ways to offer our assistance.

So what is a PTA and how does the concept work?

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TYFTSW – 02/16/2018 – Digital Learning Event

Digital Learning Event Activities

IQES PTA as a National PTA grant recipient for the “Take Your Family To School Week” (TYFTSW), will host a Digital Learning event, on Feb 16th 2018.

Utilizing the digital tools (namely Google Chromebooks) our children use at the school on a daily basis, families will get the chance to explore learning opportunities in the digital world.

Below are some of the activities featured during our Digital Learning Event as well as other engaging activities that we were unable to present due to the limited timeframe of the event.

All of these tools are available at no cost and are a fun way to engage families in digital learning activities and help children get a feel of computer programing skills as well as internet safety fundamentals through gaming.

Go to our Programs page for access to all the cool digital learning activities!

Please take a few minutes to give us your feedback on our TYFTSW event! (Complete Survey)


Finger Printing & Background checks – An easier way to do it!

Have you ever wanted to participate in a school event with your children, but were unable because you have yet to obtain the required fingerprinting or background check?

If so we are here to help, please read this post in order to find how to obtain the required clearance ensuring you do not have to miss another opportunity to attend a school event.

We want every parent to feel welcome to visit our school and be able to volunteer for events or participate in various classroom opportunities.

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